Textures: Kiasunomics

Featuring Ang Swee Hoon and Sing Tien Foo

Have you ever wondered whether individuals born in the year of the Dragon are truly blessed? Or why you can't find a taxi when you need one? What about the effects of superstitious beliefs on housing prices? Kiasunomics© explores these issues and more by explaining the influences and outcomes of the decisions we make, using simple economic logic grounded in rigorous research. Join two of the authors of Kiasunomics©, Ang Swee Hoon and Sing Tien Foo, who will share excerpts of their findings and discuss how research can be made relevant to our daily living.

This programme is part of Textures – a weekend with words.

Textures celebrates the power and beauty of words. It invites audiences to experience and appreciate how words give us the ability to express ourselves as well as give meaning to our lives and the world. With its profound ability to connect and unite, words breathe life into the vast breadth of human thought and feeling, whether spoken or written.

In this weekend of words, we also celebrate Singapore literature and the people who have contributed to it. From mastering the craft to those building a community of writers and readers, they are all part of weaving and strengthening the fabric of our literary landscape.

About the Authors

Ang Swee Hoon
Ang Swee Hoon lives and breathes marketing. As an Associate Professor of Marketing at NUS Business School, her students are often enthused by her passion in marketing. It comes as no surprise that Swee Hoon has been recognised on three consecutive occasions as an outstanding educator with the university's Teaching Excellence Award, putting her on the honour roll.

Her marketing mojo is evident in the leading textbooks Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective and Principles of Marketing: An Asian Perspective now in their 7th and 4th edition, respectively, that she co-authors with Philip Kotler, as well as in commentaries and media interviews. Swee Hoon also lends her expertise as advisor to several government boards.

Since obtaining her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of British Columbia, Swee Hoon enjoys eclectic research including consumer happiness, counterfeiting, superstitions and advertising creativity. Her diverse research interests got her into reading on research outside marketing. This passion for acquiring new knowledge connected her with Sumit and Tien Foo, resulting in this book, Kiasunomics©.

Sing Tien Foo
Sing Tien Foo is the trivia king on all things related to Singapore real estate. Being a Dean's Chair Associate Professor and Deputy Head (Admin & Finance) at the NUS Department of Real Estate, and a Director at the Institute of Real Estate Studies, Tien Foo is likely to have no problem answering any questions on Singapore's property market. He serves in various capacities at government agencies including the Land Appeal Board, Ministry of Law, and the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), Ministry of National Development.

His keen interest in real estate has seen him work on topics relating to options, real estate finance and securitisation, REITs, and housing price dynamics. One of the highs in Tien Foo's illustrious career is when his pet project on Singapore's NUS–REDAS real estate sentiment index received wide media coverage. He is a co-author of Singapore's Real Estate: 50 Years of Transformation.

An outstanding scholar with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, Tien Foo's expertise in real estate goes beyond Singapore's shores. He lends his knowledge and expertise by serving on the board of the Asian Real Estate Society as its secretary, and on the board of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress. He has also been invited as an expert witness in the review of land prices in Greater Taipei metropolitan area.
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Sat Mar 10, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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